"Hearts Moving Mountains" mission is to help specific charities by donating 100% of the net proceeds of products that are sold. Right now we are donating toHomes For Our Troopswho build homes for our severely injured Vets at no cost to them, and to the The Roever Foundationwhose mission is Restoring the Wounded, especially those with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), Wellness for Warriors who provide products that help restore health and encourage Veterans to live in a health and wellness environment. We offer Veterans a non-pharmaceutical path to heal the body, mind and spirit naturally, by creating clean water and air, providing restorative sleep, and energy which helps to detox, cleanse, and nourish their bodies. Through Wellness 4 Warriors II Veterans will be provided resources to naturally adapt, restore, and heal to function as they should on a daily basis. We are also donating to the The Battle Buddy Foundation who help pair veterans with service dogs, treat Veterans suffering with PTSD, treat the addictions that often accompany PTSD, work with the local Veterans courts to assist with diversion/treatment programs, as well as promote the reintegration of these Combat Veterans back into society, and the work force, the What Can We Organization who raise awareness and funds for licensed, nonprofit animal rescues in order to help offset the financial hardships most currently endure due to overwhelming veterinary expenses. "Finding a way to alleviate veterinary expenses' toll on rescue groups has the potential to save millions more animals," and the I Love Owie Organization whose mission is to provide "Owie BowWowie™ Comfort Packs for hospitalized children. The complete Owie BowWowie™ Comfort Pack comes with a 12" plush puppy, wearing his own band aids, story-coloring book, blanket, and carrying case. Owie is hospital and child approved! Indeed Hearts can Move Mountains!

T- Shirts are Hanes, Next Level or Gilden 100% Cotton.